i know im a failure anyway so why dont you all forget i exist

my breath

im good for nothing

wants to die please erase me

need to cry, to cry and cry cry out loud im biting my hand im shit hi this is me

Pourquoi le suicide est-il un tel tabou en France?

You thought US was the worst? France is. France makes no psa on suicide or depression or anything, France doesn’t even want to talk about the massive suicidal issues among the 15-24 youngs. France doesn’t want you to talk about suicide. Only ONE phone line exists for suicidal persons and it’s a private line. In France, you are ALWAYS taught that if you commit suicide, then you are GUILTY. It is your fault and you are being selfish. Even if you are depressed and want to see a therapist, the therapist will send you to a mental hospital/asylum as soon as you say you’re considering suicide.

If you fail your suicide, you will just be a freak. If you succeed, you will be the self-centered fool.

I want to die and I hate my country.

seriously how do i erase myself

Lol, je me sens conne, inutile, stupide, ridicule, déplacée, dérangeante. Rien qu’en disant ça, j’ai sûrement raison.

Je suis tellement mal que j’ai même pas la foi de parler en anglais. Pitoyable.